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Roberto Bosco started a podcast series.

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Last Drop Owner Roberto Bosco started a podcast series. A place where you can express yourself freely and with no limits but simply by expressing your feelings with music. This

New Release On Last Drop Records.

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Finally here we are with the fourth release on Last Drop Records, signed by the london-based Stavrogin. ‘Collectors’ takes a more subdued approach from his debut on Australian label 3BS,

Ichinen recorded a Mix and released an Interview for the Norwegian Monument podcast.

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MONUMENT 147 – ICHINEN Ichinen is the brainchild of Roberto Bosco and Kiny, two established producers who have joined forces and moved away from the confines of more dancefloor-focused music.

Roberto Bosco has been Interviewed by Marco Ferretti for his blog Souterraine

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Fascinated by the essential Being creative means being able to create something, take risks, make mistakes, but above all have fun. This is underpins Roberto Bosco’s career, a DJ, a